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Since 2011, we have been involved, through the Peace Through Business program, in the mentorship of women entrepreneurs in Rwanda focused on entrepreneurship training, education and support for business planning and leadership for SME women CEOs. Since 2015, in an effort to ensure knowledge transfer, introduction of financial support and training linked to investment, we provided the catalyst for a consortium of champions to create the first craft brewery in Kigali, Rwanda which will be women-owned, women-operated and include the first woman brewmaster in Rwanda.

The Canadian craft brewery partner is award-winning Beau's All Natural Brewing Co. Thanks to Beau's, the exceptional NEWLANDS – NSI Brew Co. that builds breweries globally joined in as a huge equipment donor and knowledge partner. The project is valued at approximately $1Million USD and will transform the enterprising efforts and the knowledge base of women business owners in that country.


  • Mega project to help local woman entrepreneur with years of success as a restaurateur and leader in Kigali’s hospitality sector introduce the FIRST craft brewery to Rwanda and its capital city Kigali.

  • Established project partners with award-winning BEAU’S All Natural Brewing Co. and Newlands INS along with The CG Group and other suppliers to provide knowledge, state of the art equipment, training, resources, supplies and funding for this $1million plus enterprise.

  • Identification of supply chain enterprises to also be led and run by women entrepreneurs to support brewpub advertising, marketing & promotion, venue events management, commercial cleaning, etc.

  • Project to create culturally-competent and culturally sensitive business planning e-learning modules and tool kit using Rwandan women-led ventures as examples.

  • Joint venture with the Cross Cultural Institute, Florida Institute of Technology, thanks to the leadership of Richard Griffith, working with his grad students.

  • Benefit of participation from Rwandan team including well-known Kigali women entrepreneurs Hope Mbabazi, Harriet Acham and Nellie Ingabire along with generous application of Jane Umuyobozi’s Gahini Agri-Business.

  • Mentorship of Rwandan women entrepreneurs.

  • Continued support for PTB 2011-2013 graduates advancing their successes.

  • Identification and co-ordination of training, leadership, licensing and other opportunities from Canada to Rwanda to increase the knowledge base and investment-ready positions of the women-owned businesses.








"The Future is Female"

Critical Mass | 10% of an engaged population embracing an idea | 33% to achieve the tipping point for sustainable social change. 
declared Hillary Clinton,
2017 Makers Conference #BEBOLD
Only if we work together to create a critical mass of women in leadership roles and positions around the globe. 



CriticalMass Women was established in 2012 by Nancy Coldham as a result of her graduate research at Royal Roads University, Victoria, B.C. Canada. Her thesis, The Gendered Enterprise of Nation-Building studied 30 Rwandan women entrepreneurs, over a two-year period, assessing the value and impact of Western-based entrepreneurship training in post-conflict countries. Nancy earned a Canadian Governor General Gold Medal Award for Academic Excellence (2013). Her studies and experience in Rwanda led her to commit to on-going efforts to advance the business skills and to secure future funds and training resources for the enterprising women of Kigali, Rwanda. 

Nancy’s ultimate goal is to change the development model from aid to direct investment for greater sustainability, increased local engagement and ownership of scalable new ventures.  Nancy remains a Mentor in the US-based, Peace Through Business™ program and is on the Advisory Council to the IEEW, Institute of Economic Empowerment of Women.  The IEEW and PTB were founded by respected Oklahoma City woman entrepreneur Terry Neese.





Critical Mass Women participated in the Gender Equality Awards 2017 for the Rwandan Craft Brewery project. The purpose of the awards (7 principled categories) is to recognize and share the efforts of businesses who are aiming to achieve Sustainable Development Goal #5 Gender Equality. We are delighted to have been awarded with the Principle 4 Award - promote education, training and professional development for women. 

THANK YOU FOR VOTING FOR OUR PROJECT!  It will make a difference to our ability to raise more funds, secure more partners and advance the start date for the Kigali Craft Brewery.  

Success! Message received.

Cheers to Craft Beer
Culturally Competent Biz 
Gendered Enterprise


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